On 23 September 2023 meeting, BungEES project partners officially launched the Platform for Smart Energy Services (PSES). The platform will focus on cooperation (excluding areas regulated by TFEU Articles 101-106) of market participants on both the supply and demand side. The platform is expected to bring together people, assets and data to create entirely new ways of designing, delivering and consuming smart energy services and relevant products. Relevant activities will, for example, include:

The platform will include:

Developments in the construction and energy sector have been very turbulent in recent years and there is a need to respond to EU directives which specify the need to have buildings, formerly NZEBs, energy positive. Community energy will also be a big challenge, and smart technologies are needed for this. The link between building and energy is obvious and it is the future, which is why PSES was created. At the same time, it is important to focus on education in secondary schools and universities.

On the aforementioned 23 September meeting, Mr. Lauko, Director of APES SK – which took over the patronage of PSES – explained the activities of APES, stressed that performance-based projects are the way to the future and that it is necessary to expand the use of smart energy services. To pay attention to the quality of the indoor environment, it will be necessary to address the involvement of all buildings in energy communities, providing flexibility. He expressed the need to bring sectors together, as in the current environment it is no longer possible to address energy and construction separately. Mr. Karásek from SEVEn presented the topics of energy services and their development, development of SES business models and non-energy benefits of SES within the BungEES project.