On March 7, 2024, Plenitude, member of the Eni group, attended the 10th Conference on Mining and Energy in Cantabria at the University of Cantabria. At this event, Plenitude gave a presentation to future graduates of engineering degrees in mining and energy resources, which was focused on overview of the company, as well as details about European projects and their importance in relation to energy transition. Several funding programmes, such as the EU Life programme (Environmental and Climate Action) were described. Project REPowerE(d)U,  which seeks to carry out continuous training programs through innovative solutions with development of various areas such as installation of energy storage solutions or testing of the installed intelligent energy solutions, was also presented.

Overview of the project BungEES followed, and included the basic information about the project and organizations involved in it, as well as the main goals of the project – creation of new generation smart energy services and their commercialization together with the valorisation of the energy efficiency and demand flexibility by creating one-stop-shops in which different services such as heat pumps, energy storage, charging points for electric vehicles, renewable energy sources such as solar energy and demand response are integrated. This concept is materialized in the form of FlexiSmart Home concept developed under the BungEES project, which was also presented to the audience. Aim of the presentation was to prove the concept by showing different individual solutions such as energy self-consumption, load management for electric vehicles and management of energy savings from the regulation of heat pumps.

In addition to the demonstration of the FlexiSmart Home, the results of a survey of more than 600 Plenitude customers were also presented. In this survey, respondents were asked if they were familiar with the concepts of multi-period tariff, prosumers and flexibility. As an example from the results, more than 40% of respondents confirmed that they are familiar with the term prosumer. 70% of the respondents found the concept of FlexiSmart Home interesting, and 50% agreed that it aligned with their needs. 34% of customers claimed that they would adopt it in their home. Customers were also asked whether they would adapt sustainable energy solutions in the future such as vehicle charging points, heat pumps, or solar panels. Presentation concluded with information about the developed pilot tests of the concept in Spain, Portugal, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Spanish pilot was described thoroughly, with description of the management model and all steps that need to be followed for the installation to complete.